About Tradebank Greenville

Greenville  is one of the oldest Tradebank franchises and has been open since 1995. Judy Jordan opened Tradebank Greenville and has owned and operated it continuously since then. During that time, we have established a reputation for great value, great service, and consistTradebank Cardency. With over 200 members, we provide a wide variety of goods and services.

Number One for a Reason

Tradebank Greenville is the number one bartering business in Greenville. Other barter companies have come and gone over the years, shutting their doors for lack of success—leaving their members with trade dollars they can’t spend, but Tradebank Greenville has proven its staying power. When you join Tradebank Greenville, you can sleep at night because you know we will be here tomorrow and for years to come. Membership in Tradebank Greenville is a safe and proven investment.