Arts, Barter & Tradebank-The Perfect Picture

Tradebank Showcases Talented Artists

by Marcy S. Yaffe, VP of Trade, Tradebank International

Sharon Ingram, Tradebank Barter Client and owner of Mud Puddle Pottery Studio and Harpeth Art Center Gallery in Pegram, Tennessee recently introduced two artists to the benefits of barter through Tradebank.

Chris Hailey is a renowned stained glass and metal smith artist and Carla Christina Contreras is a published author of children’s books, actress and creator of exquisite embellished photography.

I met Chris Hailey on my most recent visit to Nashville and his work is refined, detailed and unique. You can feel the love and pride he puts into developing each piece. Whether it is in the form of  a table, room divider, windows or accent pieces, you see his talent and passion.  His custom stained glass and leaded glass has been installed at Nashville landmark, Monell’s at the Manor and serves as breathtaking backdrop for wedding photographs and diners alike.  Hailey also teaches classes at Harpeth Art Center.

When discretionary funds are limited, Tradebank enables art enthusiasts to add to their home and business collections without a cash outlay. Of course, the artists are appreciative of the the added revenue in the form of trade dollars. The work produced under the Harpeth umbrella of artists is diverse, distinctive and made with love and true talent. Each time I visit the Tradebank of Nashville office, it must include a trip to Harpeth Art Center.

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