Barter Makes Wedding Special

The following email was sent to Dave Jones, Director of Operations/Tradebank Broker, Tradebank of Nashville and Marcy Yaffe, VP of Trade, Tradebank International.

Hello Dave and Marcy-

Here is a great image of Rachael and Bob, taken by Tradebank photographer, Dean Dixon. Dean is a great photographer, and we are so lucky to have him in our network. I’m hoping that we can be an example to others of what great offerings that Tradebank has. A wedding is the most important event in a family’s life, and costs as much as a new car, and sometimes much more. The Tradebank network offered us the affordability of all the extras and using the best resources in each field of expertise. I can’t imagine the wedding without Tradebank.

Some great services we used on Tradebank for the wedding:
• Tuxedos
• Shuttle transportation
• Photographer
• Videographer
• Photo-Video Booth
• Catering-full service meal
• Wedding Staff
• Rentals for reception dining
• Custom made wedding party gifts
• Custom wedding jewelry
• Stylist-on site
• Nails
• DJ
• Dance lessons
• Printing Invitations and Save the Dates
• Artist made copper cake cutting set
• Private Chef Services
• Cupcakes
• Keepsakes for guests
• Wedding Coordinator

It was an amazing wedding. At least half of our guests have stated that it was the best wedding that they have ever attended, and that’s thanks to Tradebank! Hope to see you very soon.

Thank you,
Sharon Ingram
Mud Puddle Pottery Studio
Harpeth Art Center & Gallery

For more information on Tradebank of Nashville, contact Dave Jones, 615 860 4060 or visit or email

For more information on Mud Puddle Pottery Studio/Harpeth Art Gallery, contact Sharon Ingram, 615 646 6644 or visit or email

For more information on Tradebank email or visit

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