Get New Customers with Barter

Customers are the life blood of any business. Business owners are always looking for ways to reach potential new customers through advertising, word of mouth referrals, special promotions, and so on.

Instant New Customers

When you join Tradebank you instantly reach the entire membership as potential new customers. What’s more, the Tradebank broker who personally manages your account will be working with the entire dynamic brokerage team to promote your business. Essentially, you have an outside sales team that doesn’t COST you money in salaries and benefits, but actually MAKES you money.

Tradebank guarantees you will receive new customers even from areas where you are not currently acquiring them, because Tradebank clients will go the extra mile to do business with you. And of course, each new customer you get is one less customer your competition gets, which serves to increase your marketshare.

When you become a Tradebank member, other members will come to you first!