Save Money with Barter


The Trade dollar, is equal to one cash dollar in the country where it is earned. After you become a Tradebank member, simply buy the goods and services you need with Trade dollars and keep your cash in your pocket! It’s that simple!

Decrease Overhead Costs

Before joining Tradebank, some people are afraid that they will not be able to use their Trade dollars for the things they really need. They are afraid they will simply be spending their Trade dollars frivilously – which won’t really save them money at all. Nothing could be further from reality. The goods and services offered by our members will decrease your overhead and help you hold on to your cash. (See Trade Ideas for Business.) If at some point the things you need are not available, the Tradebank sales team will do their best to get new members who provide what you need. Many times, with a simple recommendation from you, the sales team will be able to recruit your preferred vendor!

Enhance Your Lifestyle

On the other hand, spending money “frivilously” is the very reason some people actually join Tradebank. And there’s nothing wrong with having extra money that you can use for “mad money.” When you have excess time or excess goods that you cannot sell in the cash world, you are almost certainly guaranteed of selling them in the trade world. Voila! Instant mad money! So, not only can Tradebank make your business more profitable, but Tradebank can afford you the opportunity to enhance your lifestyle as well. You can eat out, take vacations, buy gifts, and so on. ( See Trade Ideas for You and Your Family for more ways to enrich your life.)

Tradebank members can use the Trade dollars they earn to purchase what they want or need from thousands of businesses within the worldwide Tradebank network.